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In table are titles of villages, where born or lived my ancestors. Click on title of village you obtain more detailed informations about place. In next column are evidence numbers or "numbers of houses", where born, lived or died my ancestors.
Extra bold marked are numbers of houses, where my ancestors born.

Title of village or townFormer regionEevidence numbers or house numbers
Dolni Lukavice (a)Plzen-jih116
DrahlinPribram5, 11, 31, 75, 76, 82, 107, 117
Horni Lukavice (b)Plzen-jih14, 32, 58, 63, 81
KopidloPlzen-sever5, 8, 19, 21, 33
Teskov (c)Rokycany5, 18, 21, 33, 34, 36, 67, 70, 71

Variants of village names:
(a)- Unter Lukawetz (18th century), Unter Lukawitz, Dolni Lukavic (19th century)
(b)- Ober Lukawetz (18th century), Ober Lukawitz, Ober Lukavitz (19th century)
(c)- Tieschkow (18th century), Teschkow, Tezkov (19th century)

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